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The B2B Subscription Manager


You'll be reporting on your Zuora data in an hour.



Subscription Analytics and Business Intelligence for Zuora

If you are a Zuora customer, you will love the plug-and-play SaaSOptics analytics that turn your Zuora billing and subscription records into actionable business intelligence.


1. Add your Zuora login credentials to SaaSOptics
2. Press the Sync button

SaaSOptics cranks out highly optimized subscription analytics - CMRR, MRR, CLV, Churn, Renewal Rate, and much, much more.
You can’t get these with Zuora’s reporting engine!

If you need
revenue recognition, SaaSOptics provides superior revenue management and reporting for Zuora customers.

Simplicity for Everyday Rev Rec

With RevenueBooks, best-practice daily computed revenue schedules are generated quickly and easily when subscription records are created. But, they aren’t simply buried away in a report somewhere. Revenue schedules are clearly visible every step of the way, for the Transactions, Customers, and Contracts you manage.

  • Easy GAAP-compliant subscription revenue recognition and deferred revenue reporting
  • Support for unbilled AR (revenue ahead of invoicing)
  • Best practices rev rec daily computation and 20+ other revenue recognition methods
  • Support for on-boarding and professional services revenue rec




Awesome Revenue Reporting

Reporting is a snap, and just as important as the speed is the visibility. In SaaSOptics, you can drill down into any of the details.

Revenue and Deferred Revenue by:
• QuickBooks Account(s)
• Customer or Contract
• Customer Item/Product
• Contract Item/Product
• Item/Product
• State

SaaSOptics Optimized Subscription Reports

Highly optimized subscription reports that you can configure in seconds to provide amazing insight into your subscription metrics.
Customer Lifetime Value
  • MRR New, Lost, Expansion, Contraction
  • MRR Growth Rate, MRR Renewal Rate, and MRR Churn
  • Average, Weighted Average, and Moving Average MRR
  • Period to Period, Period to Date MRR Growth Rates
  • Customer Count - New, Lost, Expanded, Contracted
  • Average, Moving Average, Weighted Average Customer Lifetime Revenue
  • Customer Lifetime Value - gross margin and discounted
  • Average, Weighted, Moving Average CLV
  • Total Lifetime Value

customer lifetime value b2b subscriptions

MRR Momentum
  • Run by ARR, MRR, QTY, and other dimensions
  • Display MRR/ARR/QTY for New, Lost, Expansion, Contraction
  • Options to include Customer details for easy inspection
  • Include CMRR and Backlog
  • Run for any period of time
  • Output to spreadsheet or view as a chart

mrm subscription rates

  • MRR, ARR, QTY, Bookings by Contract Start
  • MRR, ARR, QTY, Bookings by Customer Start
  • MRR, ARR, QTY, Bookings by Industry, Sales Rep, or any other cohort


  • Project Invoicing from scheduled Invoices PLUS projected renewals
  • Project Revenues from scheduled Revenues PLUS projected renewals
  • Project Booking from projected renewals
  • Project out to 3 Years
  • Filter by any channel, product, sales rep, deal size or more
  • Display details such as Customer, Contract, Product and more


  • Count Customers if invoiced
  • Count Customers if there is revenue in the period
  • Filter by products, market, channel, etc.
  • Show customer names for easy inspection



Core Report
  • Bookings totals, by product, by rep, by country, etc.
  • Backlog
  • Invoice and revenue backlog
  • Renewal Rates
  • Average Amount, MRR, QTY
  • Count Amount, MRR, QTY
  • and a million other things!


SaaS Optics addresses these painful subscription and SaaS operations issues by providing complete, sophisticated, and configurable subscription and SaaS metrics management and analysis. SaaS Optics is a secure, multiuser SaaS application that makes it fast and easy to measure and manage key operations information.

SaaS Optics is easy to buy, easy to implement, and easy to use.

Let’s Get Started

SaaSOptics is the only purpose-built B2B SaaS Subscription Financial Operating Platform, built from the ground up to meet the needs of B2B subscription businesses from ear;y stage to mature.

Now serving over 450
customers, and over $3 billion in annual subscription revenue and invoicing.
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