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The B2B Subscription Manager

Subscription Invoices QuickBooks

Subscription Invoices for QuickBooks

Manage Subscription Invoices & Payments for your B2B Subscription Business

Close quickly, speed through audits, ensure accuracy with fast and accurate GAAP revenue reporting.

Revenue Schedules

Contract Audit

You have subscriptions. You use Quickbooks. If every customer was invoiced in advance, this would be easy. But they aren't and it's not. You rely on spreadsheets and memorized reports to help ensure you send the right invoices at the right time.

One day, you will have a unified, seamless flawless financial management system.

For now, the solution is Revenue Books, Contract & Subscription Management for QuickBooks. Easy, affordable Subscription Invoice solution for Quickbooks.

Welcome to Revenue Books, Subscription Invoices for QuickBooks

What is Revenue Books? Revenue Books provides everything you need for subscription invoices, including revenue rec, renewal management, billing terms, renewal terms, copies of digital contracts, reporting, and naturally invoice generation. Revenue Books syncs all this seamlessly with Quickbooks! With the Revenue Books solution, you get complete contract and renewal management for QuickBooks, with:

  • Automatic Invoicing Schedules
  • Complete Billing Profile
  • Digital Contract Storage
  • Renewal Alerts & Reports
  • Contract Element Tracking
  • Automatic Revenue Schedules
  • Complete Synchronization with QuickBooks
  • Deferred Revenue Calculations
  • Unbilled AR Calculations
  • Automatic Rev Rec Journal Entires
  • Limitless metrics reporting for Churn, Renewal, MRR and more

Comprehensive Subscription Invoicing - How does it Work?

Revenue Books provides a complete solution for Subscription Invoicing for Quickbooks.

Revenue Books holds your SaaS contract subscription information, including contract elements for subscriptions, licenses, maintenance agreements, usage fees, pro services or any other elements. Using the over two dozen revenue recognition templates or the manual override, Revenue Books generates revenue schedules for each term contract element, including subscriptions and one-time items. And, Revenue Books generates one-time, annual, monthly, quarterly or one-off invoices for each contract element. With all the required revenue recognition schedules and invoices, Revenue Books then calculates all important revenue recognition information, including deferred revenue and unbilled AR balances and period-to-period changes. Fast and simple reporting makes it easy to see revenue by customer, contract, or in aggregate. You can even report and view by different business units, divisions, or currencies.

Revenue Books also syncs revenue-related information with QuickBooks, including revenue rec and invoices. Customers and invoices created in Revenue Books are synced down to Quickbooks. Customers and invoices created or modified in QuickBooks are synced up to Revenue Books. Revenue Books also sends journal adjustments to record recognized revenue in the appropriate QuickBooks income accounts, while making debits and credits to the appropriate deferred revenue and unbilled AR balance sheet accounts.

You get all this and a whole lot more at a price you can easily afford.
QuickBooks Deferred Revenue

“This is the single best investment we've made for the business in 5 years.”

QuickBooks Revenue Recognition

“SaaSOptics has pulled SaaS revenue recognition out of the dark ages!”

QuickBooks Subscription Billing

“With RevenueBooks, invoice entry time was reduced by by 75%.”

Remove risk, improve company valuation, speed through audits, and always be prepared for board meetings, investments, and m&a!

• Easy GAAP-compliant subscription revenue recognition
• Best practices daily computation and 25 other methods
• Close dates, with close period revenue catch-up
• Support for professional services rev rec
• Revenue allocation
• Milestone triggered revenue recognition
Robust invoicing & payment functions for maximum efficiency and improved cash flow:

• Annual, quarterly, monthly, ad hoc, and 18 other invoicing options
• Milestone triggered invoicing
• Complete syncing with QuickBooks
• Email invoices from SaaSOptics
or from QuickBooks
• Support for bundled Items and sales tax
• ACH and card payments through Intuit or Stripe
As if subscription invoicing and revenue recognition weren’t complex enough, you also need all kinds of unique analytics to run a subscription business:

• MRR Momentum™ for MRR and ARR reporting
• Customer Lifetime Value
• Cohort Reports
• Renewal Rates and Churn
• Bookings
• Revenue and cash projections
In B2B, it’s not about recurring credit card payments. It’s about land-and-expand, managing renewals, and sometimes complex negotiated contracts:

  • Never miss a renewal or invoice
  • Extend, upgrade, and early terminate
  • View upcoming expirations and invoices
  • Sync subscriptions to Salesforce for renewal management

SaaSOptics delivers the most comprehensive and accurate subscriptions metrics in the market.

Let’s Get Started

SaaSOptics is the only purpose-built B2B SaaS Subscription Financial Operating Platform, built from the ground up to meet the needs of B2B subscription businesses from ear;y stage to mature.

Now serving over 450
customers, and over $3 billion in annual subscription revenue and invoicing.
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