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Forecasting your subscription revenue in a spreadsheet because you have QuickBooks? Not any more!

Close quickly, speed through audits, ensure accuracy with fast and accurate GAAP revenue reporting.

To generate revenue projections or a revenue forecast, you must incorporate revenue streams from at least htree different revenue sources:

1. Revenue from Existing Contracts

Each existing contract will have a revenue schedule, which typically runs only through the end of the present term (there are plenty of exceptions). This schedule includes fees for subscription services and other items the accountants determine must be recognized over time. In addition to the scheduled revenues, you need to include any variable, transaction, or usage fees. Typically, these are calculated, recognized, and often billed in arrears.

2. Revenue from Renewal Contracts

To project revenues, you must project renewals. For all contracts expiring within your projection period, you must create projections. For the projections, you must create a revenue schedule. Projections are typically created using a simple renewal rate or churn number. A more sophisticated approach is to use different renewal rates for different segments. The most accurate approach, if your business supports it, is to project individual contracts. Obviously, this is only possible if you have either a limited number of contracts and sufficient customer interaction to gauge customer health, or you have an algorithmic-based approach based on actual usage information pulled from your application.

3. Revenue from New Contracts

These are revenues from new sales, again with subscriptions, variable fees, recognition schedules, etc.

Revenue Forecasts & QuickBooks - The Issues

Unfortunately, you can't turn to QuickBooks for any of the revenue streams needed for a revenue forecast. QuickBooks doesn't manage revenue schedules, doesn't understand "renewals," and Quickbooks doesn't readily accommodate the concept of prospective new customers. So, you turn to xls. But, spreadsheets are prone to errors and cumbersome to maintain as your business grows.

Enter Revenue Books, a web-based finance and metrics management solution for subscription businesses. Revenue Books is provides robust and comprehensive revenue reporting and analysis. Revenue Books not only generate revenue recognition schedules and accounting entires, it manages renewals and can project out revenues for existing contracts, for projected renewals, and for new contracts in the sales pipeline.

Learn More - See How We Project Revenues in SaaSOptics

RevenueBooks™ is a special implementation of SaaSOptics that provides integrated contract and revenue management for QuickBooks. It's easy-to-use, robust, and fully integrated with QuickBooks.
QuickBooks Deferred Revenue

“This is the single best investment we've made for the business in 5 years.”

QuickBooks Revenue Recognition

“SaaSOptics has pulled SaaS revenue recognition out of the dark ages!”

QuickBooks Subscription Billing

“With RevenueBooks, invoice entry time was reduced by by 75%.”

Remove risk, improve company valuation, speed through audits, and always be prepared for board meetings, investments, and m&a!

• Easy GAAP-compliant subscription revenue recognition
• Best practices daily computation and 25 other methods
• Close dates, with close period revenue catch-up
• Support for professional services rev rec
• Revenue allocation
• Milestone triggered revenue recognition
Robust invoicing & payment functions for maximum efficiency and improved cash flow:

• Annual, quarterly, monthly, ad hoc, and 18 other invoicing options
• Milestone triggered invoicing
• Complete syncing with QuickBooks
• Email invoices from SaaSOptics
or from QuickBooks
• Support for bundled Items and sales tax
• ACH and card payments through Intuit or Stripe
As if subscription invoicing and revenue recognition weren’t complex enough, you also need all kinds of unique analytics to run a subscription business:

• MRR Momentum™ for MRR and ARR reporting
• Customer Lifetime Value
• Cohort Reports
• Renewal Rates and Churn
• Bookings
• Revenue and cash projections
In B2B, it’s not about recurring credit card payments. It’s about land-and-expand, managing renewals, and sometimes complex negotiated contracts:

  • Never miss a renewal or invoice
  • Extend, upgrade, and early terminate
  • View upcoming expirations and invoices
  • Sync subscriptions to Salesforce for renewal management
Projects is a unique and powerful on-boarding and implementation management control function that makes it easy to manage your books while your customers are being on-boarded.

If on the date you receive an order you don’t know the exact dates of all the invoicing events, revenue events, or subscription term dates, management of financial records can get complicated. And the complication grows with order volume.

You need a control system. You need SaaSOptics Projects.

SaaSOptics delivers the most comprehensive and accurate subscriptions metrics in the market.

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SaaSOptics is the only dedicated B2B SaaS Subscription Financial Operating Platform, built from the ground up to meet the needs of B2B subscription businesses from ear;y stage to mature.

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