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Plug & Play Connectors

Rev Rec, Analytics, and QuickBooks Integration for these solutions

Avalara Avatax

Collecting Sales Tax or VAT? SaaSOptics has the market leading Avatax integration for the most efficient and most accurate management of the complex world of sales/VAT tax.
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quickbooks stripe ntegration

Comprehensive Stripe Integration

Need a Complete Payment Gateway?
ACH and credit card payments via Stripe

  • Comprehensive 2-way integration enables use of Stripe as your payment processor
  • Credit card and sensitive personal information are stored in Stripe’s PCI-compliant environment
  • Payment and deposit information flows to SaaSOptics and to QuickBooks
  • Invoice and payment templates can be configured to your look and feel
  • Advanced reporting makes it easy for you to know what payments were made when
Just Need Rev Rec and Analytics?
You have already integrated Stripe for recurring payments

  • Simply 1-way extraction of your information in Stripe
  • Automatic creation of revenue schedules and deferred revenue
  • Comprehensive financial reporting
  • Comprehensive CLV, Churn, MRR, Cohort and other key subscription analytics
quickbooks salesforce integration

Comprehensive 2Way Syncing

  • Intake orders from Closed Opportunities and process into financial records
  • Push into Salesforce complete financial records, including invoices, payment information, subscription dates and more
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Contect to Just about Anything

We love our plug & play connectors for QuickBooks, Salesforce, Intacct, and Netsuite, but if these and the other "easy-on" connectors don't get you the full fin ops stack you need, you can quickly and easily integrate to other CRM, dashboard, or general ledger apps using our Zapier Zap (our our native API).
QuickBooks Recurly Integration

Revenue Recognition & Subscription Business Intelligence

If you are a Recurly customer, you will love the plug-and-play Recurly Connector that transforms billing information into GAAP compliment revenue schedules and industry leading subscription analytics & business intelligence.


1. Add your Recurly login credentials to SaaSOptics
2. Press the Sync button

SaaSOptics provides superior revenue management and reporting and highly optimized subscription analytics - CMRR, MRR, ARR, CLV, Churn, Renewal Rate, and much, much more.

Let’s Get Started

SaaSOptics is the only purpose-built B2B SaaS Subscription Financial Operating Platform, built from the ground up to meet the needs of B2B subscription businesses from ear;y stage to mature.

Now serving over 450
customers, and over $3 billion in annual subscription revenue and invoicing.
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