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The B2B Subscription Manager

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Revenue Recognition for QuickBooks

Rev up your QuickBooks with with GAAP Financials

Got 4 Minutes?
You have subscriptions.
Your deferred revenue is in a spreadsheet.
You need help.

Simplicity for Everyday Rev Rec

With SaaSOptics, best-practice daily-computed revenue schedules are generated quickly and easily when subscription records are created. But, they aren’t simply buried away in a report somewhere. Revenue schedules are clearly visible every step of the way, for the Transactions, Customers, and Contracts you manage.

  • Easy GAAP-compliant subscription revenue recognition and deferred revenue reporting
  • Support for unbilled AR (revenue ahead of invoicing
  • Best practices rev rec daily computation and 20+ other revenue recognition methods
  • Support for on-boarding and professional services revenue rec

Sophistication for Complex Rev Rec

For many subscription businesses, much is simple, but some is very complicated. Some Contracts start out complicated; others start out simple but end up complicated.

Let’s face it. If that weren’t the case, that spreadsheet would continue to work fine.

When subscription contracts become complicated, you need a system with robust features.

SaaSOptics is easy-to-use, yet packed with power to handle all your simple repetitive subscription invoicing and rev rec, and the not-so-simple complex transactions as well!
  • Trigger rev rec based on milestone completion for on-boarding
  • Closing period support with revenue catch-up
  • Asynchronous revenue and subscription dates
  • Specialized functions for extensions, upgrades and early termination
  • Unbilled AR for when revenue is ahead of invoicing
  • Revenue allocation for fair market value, bundles, and VSOE
Advnaced Revenue Recognition
Closing Period

QuickBooks invoicing for subscriptions

Plug& Play QuickBooks integration makes GAAP revenue rec a breeze.

Robust invoicing & payment functions for maximum efficiency and improved cash flow:

• Annual, quarterly, monthly, ad hoc, and 18 other invoicing options
• Milestone triggered invoicing
• Complete syncing with QuickBooks
• Email invoices from SaaSOptics
or from QuickBooks
• Support for bundled Items and sales tax
• ACH and card payments through Intuit or Stripe
As if subscription invoicing and revenue recognition weren’t complex enough, you also need all kinds of unique analytics to run a subscription business:

• MRR Momentum™ for MRR and ARR reporting
• Customer Lifetime Value
• Cohort Reports
• Renewal Rates and Churn
• Bookings
• Revenue and cash projections

Let’s Get Started

SaaSOptics is the only purpose-built B2B SaaS Subscription Financial Operating Platform, built from the ground up to meet the needs of B2B subscription businesses from ear;y stage to mature.

Now serving over 450
customers, and over $3 billion in annual subscription revenue and invoicing.
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