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Revenue Recognition for QuickBooks

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Simplicity for Everyday Rev Rec

With SaaSOptics, best-practice daily-computed revenue schedules are generated quickly and easily when subscription records are created. But, they aren’t simply buried away in a report somewhere. Revenue schedules are clearly visible every step of the way, for the Transactions, Customers, and Contracts you manage.

  • Easy GAAP-compliant subscription revenue recognition and deferred revenue reporting
  • Support for unbilled AR (revenue ahead of invoicing
  • Best practices rev rec daily computation and 20+ other revenue recognition methods
  • Support for on-boarding and professional services revenue rec

Sophistication for Complex Rev Rec

For many subscription businesses, much is simple, but some is very complicated. Some Contracts start out complicated; others start out simple but end up complicated.

Let’s face it. If that weren’t the case, that spreadsheet would continue to work fine.

When subscription contracts become complicated, you need a system with robust features.

SaaSOptics is easy-to-use, yet packed with power to handle all your simple repetitive subscription invoicing and rev rec, and the not-so-simple complex transactions as well!
  • Trigger rev rec based on milestone completion for on-boarding
  • Closing period support with revenue catch-up
  • Asynchronous revenue and subscription dates
  • Specialized functions for extensions, upgrades and early termination
  • Unbilled AR for when revenue is ahead of invoicing
  • Revenue allocation for fair market value, bundles, and VSOE
Advnaced Revenue Recognition
Closing Period

Milestone Triggered Revenue Recognition

Projects is a unique and powerful on-boarding and implementation management control function that makes it easy to manage your books while your customers are being on-boarded.

If on the date you receive an order you don’t know the exact dates of all the invoicing events, revenue events, or subscription term dates, management of financial records can get complicated. And the complication grows with order volume.

You need a control system. You need SaaSOptics Projects.

Simply set up configurable Project Templates for the different types of on-boarding or implementation processes you have. Each template can include as many milestones as needed, and each milestone can have as many triggers as needed. Triggers create invoices, revenue records and set subscription dates using your customized rules.

When you process an order, simply select a template. Then, simply mark the date each milestone is completed and all the associated Triggers fire.

Save countless hours, and you will never miss an invoice or forget to record revenue again.

QuickBooks invoicing for subscriptions

For QuickBooks Desktop or Quickbooks Online
Plug& Play
QuickBooks integration makes GAAP revenue rec a breeze.

Robust invoicing & payment functions for maximum efficiency and improved cash flow:

• Annual, quarterly, monthly, ad hoc, and 18 other invoicing options
• Milestone triggered invoicing
• Complete syncing with QuickBooks
• Email invoices from SaaSOptics
or from QuickBooks
• Support for bundled Items and sales tax
• ACH and card payments through Intuit or Stripe
As if subscription invoicing and revenue recognition weren’t complex enough, you also need all kinds of unique analytics to run a subscription business:

• MRR Momentum™ for MRR and ARR reporting
• Customer Lifetime Value
• Cohort Reports
• Renewal Rates and Churn
• Bookings
• Revenue and cash projections

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SaaSOptics is the only dedicated B2B SaaS Subscription Financial Operating Platform, built from the ground up to meet the needs of B2B subscription businesses from ear;y stage to mature.

Now serving over 300
customers, and over $2 billion in annual subscription revenue and invoicing.
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